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Properly configure Mailster when using Mailgun

It is of utter importance to properly configure a mailing service to make sure that your recipients really get your valuable newsletter mailings. Unfortunately receiving servers have to deal with a lot of so most of the bigger provider have…

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How to Remove Items from the WordPress Toolbar

The WordPress Toolbar is an essential element of the UI. Therefore it is a central part of what you interact with when wirking with WordPress websites. lugins and themes can easily add their stuff to the admin bar. This is…

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Renaming a Menu Item In WordPress

First of all you might want to see all the data in the menu array in the backend. To do this simply drop this snippet in your child themes function.php file. if (!function_exists('debug_admin_menus')): function debug_admin_menus() { global $submenu, $menu, $pagenow;…

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