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How to Clean Up the Uploads Folder of Image Heavy WordPress Websites

How To Clean Up The Uploads Folder Of Image Heavy WordPress Websites
jarmoluk / Pixabay
  • Go to settings – media and set all sizes of those you dont need to 0 (zero) to diasable them.
  • If you use a theme like “Total” disable the additional image sizes option since you only want the native original ones.
  • Install the “Force Regenerate Thumbnails” plugin since this is the only one which also deletes the files  for the now unnecessary image sizes.
  • If you want more, now head over to your functions.php fiel and add this line of code to also remove the new wordpress core hidden image size 768px (read more)
add_filter( 'intermediate_image_sizes', '__return_empty_array', 999 );
  • Now finally go to “Tools” – “Force Regenerate Thumbnails” and regenerate everything.
  • Afterwards I would recommend to now also further comporess the remaining images with a plugin like “EWWW Image Optimizer”

EWWW Image Optimizer

Read more about this solution

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