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How to Customize Opt-In E-Mail and ReCaptcha Confirmation Texts in Mailchimp

The other day I was struggling to find the right place in Mailchimp to translate several crucial parts of the email subscription process. Finally i got it working. Thanks to mailchimps weird and illogical approach to managing contexts, mailtexts etc. I really had a difficult time.

First of all: The basic mail texts are hidden inside trhe form builder part in the backend. You can find it here:

Click on your list – signup forms – form builder – and select the according context to translate

That is weird and anoying but it gets even worse. I use the WordPress Contact Form 7 plugin to connect a simple form via the Mailchimp API to catch subscribers. That works as expected. I simply had to type in the API data ans thats about it. BUT: Of cpurse I use double opt-in. actually I cannot even think of anyone NOT using double opt-in. Why is single opt-in still standard in Mailchimp? Is anyone really still allowed to use it? I mean seriously. That opens doors to horrific szenarios where anyone can subscribe everyone erlse an any service. WTF Mailchimp?

Ok back to the topic. As I stated I of course use double opt-in andt therefore i want to have those badly autpo translated confirmation emails also translated properly. BUT. These mails dont occur whithin mailchimp „form-builder response mails“ editor weirdness! As long as you don’t activate doulbe opt-in they simply wont show up in the dropdown! by the way. The API does not care for general settings in Mailchimp anyways. You can configure it easily with one lick to use double opt-in but you then might haave a hard time finding the parts to translate in the Mailchimp backend.

Heres how to actiate the missing translation parts: Head over to your list and do the following

Click on your list – settings – list name and default – form settings

There you can enable double opt-in, recaptcha and GDPR fields. Which I urge you to to! 😉 Afterwards you can find the corresponding new email parts in the form builder (it cringes my brain to type that). Feel freee to adapt everything as you whish. Now you can have those imperfect texts translated as well. I have no clue why Mailchimp thinks it is a good thing to hide relevantr parts and make it hard activate them but at least now you have the solution I hoped for to find much more easy in Google.



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