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Limesurvey: Create a login-free live Report for Survey-Participation

It was scouring the limesurvey forum for some useful limesurvey add ons and tools and found this gem that I need to share with you. Major part of the code is taken from the limesurvey forum, but I adapted it to fit my needs.

Creaqte a file named survey_stat.php inside your limesurvey installation root and put in the following content:

<?php// to the database you use for limesurvey//call it like this:/*OLD USE THIS!!http://yourdomain/survey_stat.php?survey=181952&title=Client%20NameNEWhttp://yourdomain/survey_stat.php?sid=1010101,2020202,3030303&title=Client%20Namehttp://yourdomain/survey_stat.php?sid=181952&title=Client%20Name*//*try {    $db = new PDO(';dbname=lime_db', 'user', 'pass');}*/$config_folder = dirname(__FILE__) . '/application/config/';$config_file = $config_folder . 'config.php';define('BASEPATH', dirname(__FILE__) . '/..'); // maybe wrong but doesn't matter - constant needs to be set.$config = require($config_file);$db = $config["components"]["db"]; //  DB credentialsdefine('DB_SERVER', "localhost");define('DB_USER', $db["username"]);define('DB_PASSWORD', $db["password"]);// try {  $db = new PDO($db["connectionString"] . "charset=utf8", DB_USER, DB_PASSWORD);} catch (PDOException $e) {    print "Error!: " . $e->getMessage() . "<br/>";    die();} function participants_pd($sid, $db) {	//get the number of participants for each day of the survey	$facts = array();	$x = 0;	if(!is_numeric($sid)) {		echo "Survery ID must be a valid number";		exit();	}	else {		$survey_tbl = "lime_survey_".$sid;		$query = "select date(`submitdate`) AS date, count(`id`) AS number from `$survey_tbl` where `submitdate` != 'NULL' group by date(`submitdate`)";		$stmt = $db->query($query);		while($r = $stmt->fetch(PDO::FETCH_OBJ)) {				$facts['date'][$x] = $r->date;				$facts['count'][$x] = $r->number;				$x++;		}		$db = null;		return $facts;	}} function participants_sum($sid, $db) {	//get number of participants of the survey	if(!is_numeric($sid)) {		echo "Survery ID must be a valid number";		exit();	}	else {	$survey_tbl = "lime_survey_".$sid;	$sum = "";	$survey_tbl = "lime_survey_".$sid;	$query = "select count(`id`) AS sum from `$survey_tbl` where `submitdate` != 'NULL'";	$stmt = $db->query($query);	$r = $stmt->fetch(PDO::FETCH_OBJ);	$sum = $r->sum;	return $sum;		}} function titles($sid, $db) {	//get the titles	$title = "";	$query_t = "select `surveyls_title` from `lime_surveys_languagesettings` where `surveyls_survey_id` = :sid";	$stmt_t = $db->prepare($query_t);	$stmt_t->bindParam(':sid', $sid);	$stmt_t->execute();	$r = $stmt_t->fetch(PDO::FETCH_OBJ);	$title = $r->surveyls_title;	return $title;	} //Getting the ID's of the surveysif(isset($_GET['survey'])) {	$titles = array();	$participants = array();	$surveys = array();	//check if there are more then one surveys-ids	if(preg_match("/,/", $_GET['survey'])) {		//there are more then one survey 		$surveys = explode(",", $_GET['survey']);	}	else {		$surveys[] = $_GET['survey'];	}	foreach ($surveys as $key => $value) {		//Get the number of participants for each day of the survey of each survey		$arrayname = "survey".$value;		${$arrayname} = participants_pd($value,$db); 		//Get number of participants for the whole periode		$participants[] = participants_sum($value,$db); 		//Get the titles of the surveys		$titles[] = titles($value,$db);	}} /*** generating the data string for the google chart* Will look something like that:* ['Day','Title S1','Title S2','Title S3'],* ['2013-10-08',35,462,101],* ['2013-10-09',15,101,33],* ['2013-10-10',7,37,10],* ['2013-10-11',5,14,1],* ['2013-10-13',2,10,1]]);*/ //First the column names of the chart (in our case Day and the titles )$data = "['Day'";foreach ($titles as $key => $value) {	$data = $data.",'".$value."'";}$data = $data."]"; //Check which survey the most days//The x-axis of the chart will filled with the dates of this survey$max = 0;$max_sid = "";foreach ($surveys as $key => $value) {	$arrayname = "survey".$value;	if($max < count(${$arrayname}['date'])){		$max = count(${$arrayname}['date']);		$max_sid = $key;	}} //fill in the numbers of participants $x = 0;while ($x < $max) {	$data = $data.",['".${"survey".$surveys[$max_sid]}['date'][$x]."'";	foreach ($surveys as $key => $value) {		$arrayname = "survey".$value;		if(!empty(${$arrayname}['count'][$x])) {		$data = $data.",".${$arrayname}['count'][$x];		}		else {			$data = $data.",0";		}	}	$data = $data."]";	$x++;}//$data contains now a string with the JS Data Array //<?=$data has to be placed in the JS containing the google chart function  //Setting the title of the site (can be the name of the project or of the costumer)$title = "Development of the numbers of participants ";if(isset($_GET['title'])) {	trim($_GET['title']);	htmlentities($_GET['title']);	$title = $title.$_GET['title'];}?><!DOCTYPE html><html><head><meta charset="UTF-8"> 	<title><?=$title?></title> 	<style type="text/css">	body,html {		font-family: Droid Sans;		font-size: 13px;		margin:0px;		width: 100%;		height: 100%;		background-color: grey; 	}	h1 {		font-size: 18px;		background-color: white;		margin-left: 0px;		width: 50%;		padding: 5px;	}	h2 {		font-size: 15px; 	}	.stat {		width: 50%;		background-color: white;		padding: 5px;	}	.stat_li {		width: 25%;		float: left;		text-align: right;	}	.stat_re {		width: 45%;		float: left;		margin-left: 5%;		font-weight: bold;	}	</style>   <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>    <script type="text/javascript">       //set up the chart      //check out for more options      google.load("visualization", "1", {packages:["corechart"]});      google.setOnLoadCallback(drawChart);      <?php      if(isset($_GET['survey'])) {      ?>      function drawChart() {         var data = google.visualization.arrayToDataTable([          <?=$data?>        ]);         var options = {         };         var chart = new google.visualization.LineChart(document.getElementById('chart_div'));        chart.draw(data, options);      }      <?php  		}      ?>    </script> </head> <body><h1><?=$title?></h1><h2>Overall participants</h2><div class="stat"><?phpif(isset($_GET['survey'])) {	$x = 0;	foreach ($participants as $key => $value) {		echo "<div class='stat_li'>".$titles[$x].":</div><div class='stat_re'>".$value." Participants</div><div style='clear:both;'></div>";		$x++;	}}?></div><h2>Development of the participation</h2><div id="chart_div" style="width: 51%; height: 50%;"></div></body></html>

Depending on the limesurvey version you are using use one of the following link-syntaxes to create the participation-report on the fly. You just need to change the domain, define I proper report title (use %20 fpr spaces) and enter the corrent Survey-IDs (seperated by comma if you want to show more than one):

  • http://yourdomain/survey_stat.php?survey=1010101,2020202,3030303&title=Client%20Name
  • http://yourdomain/survey_stat.php?sid=1010101,2020202,3030303&title=Client%20Name

The resulting report should look like this and might be a very usful thing for your clients so that they can monitor overall participation:

Please also follow the according discussion here:


Other useful ressources:

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