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MainWP – Optimize Synchronization Settings for Fastest Speed

Basic Settings

  • Maximum simultaneous requests: 12 Default: 4
  • Minimum delay between requests (milliseconds): 50 Default: 200

Toggle panel: IP settings
If you have sites on the same servers timing out during updates or syncing, you may need to adjust the fields below by decreasing a number of requests and increasing delays.

  • Maximum simultaneous requests per ip: 12 Default: 1
  • Minimum delay between requests to the same ip (milliseconds): 50 Default: 1000

Toggle panel: Frontend request settings
If your sites time out during syncing, installing or updating plugins/themes, you may need to adjust the fields below.

  • Maximum simultaneous sync requests: 25 Default: 8
  • Minimum simultaneous install/update requests: 10 Default: 3

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