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Optimize Your WordPress

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Using complex themes and various plugins. WordPress might start to feel slow. hee is a list of links and ideas to solve this and to speed up your system.

  1. Things You Should Do After Installing WordPress
  2. What’s the best Caching Plugin?
  3. Code Snippes for better performance
  4. Check Your Domain
  5. Optimize Your .htacsess file
Stop robots from indexing certain file types:
<FilesMatch "\.(txt|log|xml|css|js)$">
    Header set X-Robots-Tag "noindex"
This snippet helps to block files from being served to robots and crawlers thus enhancing loading times. Although this might sound tempting, you should consider, that .xml are not a good idea because most sitemaps are xml files. And since the last Google Search Algorithm and Indexing System update in 2014. Websites are rendered more like in real browsers. Times are over when a crawler only saw a sourcecode like version of your page. With responsive desings becoming more and more popular the crawlers now also consider js and css files. So basically I do not recommendt to block these!

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