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Clone and Change WPBakery Composer Templates with a WordPress Child-Theme

With a WordPress Child theme, you can easily change core behavior and override certain files from plugins or the main theme. In this tiny tutorial, I show you how to change a WPBakery element with t child theme.

Copy the original template file

Head over to this folder and find the element you want to change: “/wp-content/plugins/js_composer/include/templates/shortcodes

Create a folder in your child theme

To override the template file you need to create a folder in your child theme directory and put the modified version of the template file in there: “/wp-content/themes/child-theme/vc_templates

Bonus tip: Here you find all the according JS files

This is the folder where all JS files i.e. for the accordion element reside: “/wp-content/plugins/js_composer/assets/lib/vc_accordion“. unfortunately I guess you cannot override these with a child theme. But I am not sure.

Bonus tip 2: Total Theme user

If you are using the wonderful total theme you find the additional templates in this folder: “/wp-content/plugins/total-theme-core/inc/vcex/templates

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