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Fixing Error 500 in Workice

I recently bought the Workice CRM from Envato. But after some configuration I encountered an error 500 and the system won’t load anymore. I googled for the Lavarel Framework and fixes for Error 500s. Gladly I found a solution for similar problems.

Force a Cache Reload

Simply rename the following folder cache to something like „_cache“ and create a new „cache“ one with the 755 rights properly set. Do all this within the following folder. And you are ready for a freshly working system.


There is another cache folder within this directory. You should also do the same here to make sure it works:


Just for your information: You can always delete the cache when the system is working from the backend – system information. There is a section in the top called „commands“. There are options to flush the cache manually – given that the system is working of course.

Just as a follow up. I am not quite sure what the reason was. I just edited the „.env“ file n the root to make my email sending system working with SMTP. Also, I activated a CRON job in my Plesk system. I manually cleared the cache afterwards. That was about it. Not much fuzz. Still, I encountered the problem. Also, I activated the „Cookie Consent“ option shortly before. Maybe that was the culprit. I deactivated it now. Let’s see how it behaves.

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