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How to Install Workice CRM If the Web Installer does not create the Database Tables

Well actually I finally did not buy the Perfex CRM but Workice. At least there was a sale during Black Friday and I felt like this is a good start. See my CRM comparison for why I originally thought that Perfex is better. Nontheless I kind liked Workice so far BUT there are way more bugs than I expected. After I pretty much messed my installation I wanted to reinstall everything but failed to do so.

Suddenly the installer does not create the database

I don’t know why and I have not changed anything on my server other that activating the redis cache to fix the annoying error 500 bugs in workice. I even disabled the caching again but the installer never created the database tables. It wa so annoying but I finally found a simple way to reinstall Workice.

Use the Artisan Method

The artisan method is a simple command based installation method that works great. It feels a little DOS like but for whoever worked with the bash prompt will easily understand following this route. You just need to use putyy ore any otrher SSH client and connect to your server. Then navigate to your installation folder. For instance /var/www/vhosts/yourdomian/yoursubdomain/

Make sure you have the right database credentials inserted in the .env file in the root of your installation and then execute this command:

php artisan workice:install 

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